Undoubtedly WordPress is the most common content management system (CMS) on the internet today. This means that there is a whole host of plugins available for the platform that makes it easy to achieve good on-page optimisation. This will improve your search engine rankings. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best ways to do this and a few of the plugins that you will want to make sure that your website gets the ranking that it deserves with the major search engines.


No doubt if you only install one plugin on your WordPress website, make sure that it is Yoast. It can take care of most of your basic SEO needs. As well as generating sitemaps and making sure that a lot of the technical requirements are taken care of, it can also help you to write much better articles that are far better from an SEO point of view. It does this by analysing the text that you write, ensuring that the keyword (or keywords in the premium version) that you have chosen are used sufficiently in the text and that it has a good readability rating.

Yoast’s free version can take care of a lot of your SEO needs, but you will want to consider the premium version if you’re really trying to climb to Google rankings.

A Sitemap Plugin

Yoast’s sitemap tool is great for the basics, but if you want to build something a little bit more complex, you will want to consider an alternative tool. These options make it easy for you to include or exclude certain pages or sections from the sitemap and ensure that it only shows the pages that you want Google and Bing to see.

While the quality of your content is still crucial when it comes to SEO, these plugins should make it a little bit easier for you to manage your SEO efforts and achieve great results.