Not everyone has the expertise which is needed to build a website, but there are some great resources and tools that they can rely on to help them with this. One of these is by using templates.

What is a Template for Websites?

In a simple way of thinking, a website template can almost be thought of a detailed form which needs filling out. It is the shell of the website. It requires all the information necessary for a website to be added to the template. All of the coding has been done for the development of the site, and the template is the framework for it.

Choosing a Template

Templates have become so popular for the building of websites that there are now numerous ones to choose from. Some can be quite basic, while others are more complex. The complexity comes from the options they offer for customising the website. If there was no way to customise, then there would be a lot of websites which would look exactly the same, except for the content. There are different options for obtaining the templates. They can be purchased, or they can be obtained by subscription, and some are free.


Normally when an individual is going to use a template, they will need a platform to work on. There are several of these as well. Many of them are web builder platforms. They will provide a blank template which users can build with drag and drop methods of the different components they want to build the website with. Some examples of these are Wix and Weebly.

WordPress is another top-rated platform where templates can be easily downloaded. Then, once the content and customisations are done, the site goes live.

Being able to use templates has made website building a whole lot easier.