Welcome to our blog on how to utilise SEO (search engine optimisation) when building your websites, to help guarantee that traffic is directed to your (or your client’s) site, ensuring success.

How to use SEO as an Effective Marketing Tool

The use of SEO has transformed how websites are built and marketed. This blog will help you understand not only how to use SEO marketing, but why you should use it when building and developing a website.

SEO marketing ensures that your website will be found high on Google searches. This is particularly effective when you want to promote a product or service within a specific location. For example, if a user searches “Hairdresser in Fulham”, with proper search engine optimisation, you can ensure your website is easily found. This blog will provide you with specific tips and tools to generate traffic to your site, and in particular utilise SEO together with WordPress for effective marketing.

If you create and build websites for clients, understanding how to use SEO can help create an additional service offering and revenue stream for you. Alternatively, you can use this form of marketing to help boost your own website.

Building an Attractive Website

It is essential when utilising SEO marketing, that once you have drawn traffic to the website, that the site is eye-catching and engaging, to ensure that the user stays on your website. Our blog provides insight on how to use templates when building a website – which is faster and more user friendly than building a site from scratch, and shows that you don’t necessarily need to be skilled in coding for website building and design.